Auditing Services.

Auditing Services

Every company requires an official financial auditor. The directors of the Company are responsible for the preparation of financial statements in accordance to the Private Entity Reporting Standards and the Companies Act 1965 in Malaysia. Every year, the financial statements are required to be audited by a licensed auditor. Once the financial statements are audited, the Company Secretary needs to submit the annual return together with the financial statements to Companies Commission of Malaysia.

At Sunrise, we understand how critical, audited financial statements are to your business and its various stakeholders. So, we endeavor to always deliver our clients reliable auditing services. Our experts are efficient and extremely thorough in auditing your books. We provide statutory audit and internal audit service to companies to meet the SSM requirements.

We offer our services to a wide range of industries ranging from manufacturing, services, non-profit organizations and to various legal firms. Our audit team is committed to ensure customer data integrity and confidentiality. We also provide timely audit reports that are complete and accurate. We also provide additional services like advice on controls and processing system, business process improvement opportunities, Ris Audits etc.

Following are the audit services that we offer our clients.

  • Statutory Audit
    As one of our core competencies, we provide statutory audits for organizations spanning across various industries. Our experts adopt strong quality control measures and a risk free approach for achieving efficient and effective audits. With us, you are assured of reliable audit services and timely compliance as per statutory regulations.

    With our experience, technical knowledge and skills, we provide certain specialized audits as well. We ensure that our audits add value to your business. We not only assist our clients in reviewing their business performance, but also provide suggestions for improvements in business as well as advice on compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
  • Internal audit
    Internal audit is a critical function that acts as a line of defense against any kind of fraud and helps identify key risks in advance.

    The Malaysian Corporate Code on Corporate Governance (2007), mandates that public limited companies must have an internal audit function. However, it is not always viable for an organization to hire an in-house internal auditor with requisite skills and experience to consistently deliver such important services. But, with us you can be assured of a comprehensive internal audit of your business which includes risk assessment, planning, reporting and follow-up.

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